Bill Gates dismisses tablets in education

The policy of improving education by dumping tablets onto school kids has been dismissed by software King of the World, and sworn enema of the mosquito, Sir William Gates III.

Sir Bill told the Chronicle that dropping tablets or other gadgets and hoping change happens just does not work.

The idea has a “really horrible track record” and it is better to offer grants to reformers working to fix “inefficiencies” in the current model of higher education that keep many students from graduating on time, or at all.

Radical reform of college teaching was needed and he wanted to see a “flipped” classroom, where students watch videos from superstar professors as homework and use class time for group projects and other interactive activities.

Sticking bored kids in a lecture class will be viewed at some point as an antiquated thing.

Sir Bill said he did not have all the answers. He said his charity operation is one of continual refinement.

He said that he has had to learn, make mistakes, try new things out, and find new partners to do things.