Beijing Apple shop shelled in rioting

Apple might have to reconsider the way it eggs on its Chinese fanboys and then disappoints them after its antics created a riot on the streets of Beijing.

Apple’s flagship Beijing store was pelted with eggs and there was fighting between fanboys and the police after queuing punters were told the store would not begin sales of the iPhone 4S as it promised.

Apparently Apple thought the crowd was no joke and was worried its staff might be torn apart by a Bacchanalian frenzy of fanboys.

Apple decided that it would halt all retail sales of the latest iPhone in China for the time being. Phones would be available online, through its partner China Unicom.

This news was not taken that well by the fanboys who did not seem to want to take no for an answer. Scuffles broke out before daybreak between security staff and shoppers who had been waiting in the freezing cold over night.

Apparently an Apple staff member popped up and told the shoppers that they should go home and it got even uglier.

Police had to drag some people away and photos appeared on the Chinese blogosphere of a man who had brought raw eggs in a plastic bag and handed them out to throw at the Apple logo.

One fanboy who was clearly suffering from a lack of perspective moaned to the local telly that he was suffering from cold and hunger and he could not understand why Apple had abandoned him, says Reuters.

He got into the line around 11pm and at roughly 5am the queue collapsed and there was fighting. Then the police started hitting people and it all turned ugly.

It’s pretty tragic that people in China used to riot for democratic freedom. Now some are rioting for the right to buy an iPhone which is more or less the same as an earlier model.