BBC falls foul of RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis

Being interviewed by the BBC’s Click program is hardly surviving Paxman, but RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis appears to have found himself out of his depth.

The show that once described the CPU as the brain of the computer, and a modem like a London cab was interviewing Lazaridis about his new Playbook.

Things were going well until the Beeb’s Rory Cellan-Jones made a dramatic change in the interview direction, which until then had been a free advert about RIM’s up-coming, Apple-challenging toy.

Cellan-Jones actually asked a question about a real news story that RIM was involved with. The company is having problems with governments in India and the Middle East demanding access to RIM’s secret servers.

In the face of a ban from such countries, RIM has to allow its policy of secure business communication fall by the wayside and allow foreign spooks to snuffle its customer emails.

Lazaridis appeared stunned by the questions. After all, the trade press in the US and Canada would never dream of asking a real question.  

Clearly Lazaridis felt that phase of the interview should have been set aside for questions about his hobbies or favourite food.

He responded by saying the question was unfair, had been dealt with before and stormed out.

A more complete cut of the interview will be broadcast on the television edition of BBC Click later in April, but the Beeb has given us a version to have a laugh at.