Barnes & Noble sticks Google Play on Nook tablet

Barnes & Noble is trying to make its Nook tablet a bit more competitive by offering unrestricted access to Google’s Play Store.

The Nook launched to relatively positive reviews and it offers good value for money, but the lack of Play Store support was a turn off for many. The addition of Google Play will increase the number of apps available on the Nook from just 10,000 to 750,000. It’s quite baffling that Barnes & Noble didn’t do it a while ago, as its closed approach clearly wasn’t working well.

“This deal is about plugging that gap. Consumers told us they wanted more apps,” Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch told Reuters.

Amazon does not appear to be abandoning its walled garden approach.

Although Kindle tablets are outselling Nooks, the lack of proper Google Play access could blunt Amazon’s edge and force it to open up the floodgates to thousands of Google Play apps.