Ballmer's baby has teething problems

Users of Windows Phone 8 say the new operating system has shipped with a few teething problems.

Early problems across HTC and Nokia handsets have started to appear and over at WPCentral  there is a thread which has the bad experiences of more than 143 people. Vole’s own site has about 50 users complaining.

Problems include that the HTC 8X randomly reboots when it feels like it. It does not appear to be the only one. The Verge’s review copy also likes rebooting for the hell of it.

The Nokia Lumia 920 not only reboots, it freezes and has a poor battery life.

A thread on Nokia’s support forums lists a host of problems like lock ups and resets with the Lumia 920. Some users who thought they were clever by fixing their battery life woes by wiping the device found they have been stuck on a Nokia splash screen.

The problem appears to be with the tap and send feature. When this is switched off the battery life improves.

These sorts of problems are normal for new operating systems, but Microsoft needs to prove that its phone is more stable than those on offer. Nokia needs stories like this like it needs a hole in the head.