Ballmer to have a quiet word with LG

The shy and retiring Microsoft CEO Steve “There’s a kind of hush” Ballmer is to visit Seoul to have a quiet word with LG.

Ballmer is worried that LG appears to have lost its love of Microsoft Windows on Mobile, just as he is planning a huge rise in the operating system when Windows 8 comes out.

LG has not been happy with Windows Phone and at the moment it can’t take many risks as its mobile business is struggling.

CNET claims that Ballmer will meet up with them in a bid to prevent losing a Windows Phone supporter at a crucial time.

He might have some difficult, LG said the company hasn’t seen much success with Microsoft’s mobile platform and doesn’t expect to make any Windows Phone products.

According to the Korea Herald, LG is pushing ahead with Android.

Ballmer is doing some Seoul searching in May and the Korea Herald suggests that a meeting could be in the works.

LG representative Ken Hong told CNET that the company isn’t giving up on Windows Phone. Hong, however, did note that there are no Windows Phones in the pipeline. This is because its focus is on Android.