Ballmer needs to come clean on Windows Phone 7 sales figures

A Russian analyst Eldar Murtazin claims to have worked out the real number of Windows Phone 7 sales.

He has added up some figures and divided by his shoe size to come up with 674,000. This is a lot less than the 1.5 million which Vole claimed to have sold to carriers around the world. Later Microsoft revised the figure to two million and then shut itself up tight.

Murtazin did some channel checking, spoke to some retailers, subtracted out the tens of thousands of handsets that Microsoft gave to its employees, and arrived at 674,000.

If the figure is right then that is half what Microsoft claimed it had sold, although since then several WP7 devices have hit the market, including the HTC Arrive.

But Murtazin said that this figure was pants.

Writing in his bog he said that the figure was a failure by Microsoft. In spite of having the ecosystem, developer support, Microsoft could not create a product that would be attractive to the consumer.

Ballmer stuffed up because it did not realise that competitive devices already exist from other companies” and it couldn’t do anything better.

Vole has not made a statement about Murtazin’s accounting for handset sales but it is similar to something that LG’s marketing director, James Choi moaned about last year.

It is probably time that Ballmer either came clean and admitted that Windows Mobile 7 was another of his stuff-ups. It seems that Vole is depending on the fact that it will be under the bonnet of every Nokia phone next year. Maybe it is hoping that it can stay quiet for that long.