Ballmer messes with the Angry Birds

While the tame Apple press is doing its level best to write off Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 in case it upsets Jobs’ Mob’s cash cow, it seems that Ballmers’ boys are doing their best to miff developers.

An icon for the mobile game Angry Birds appeared in a Windows Phone 7 promotional image.

Many assumed the game would be on Redmond’s new smartphones. However, the people behind Angry Birds were incandescent with rage and , ironically, tweeted a denial of any commitment to Windows Mobile 7.

The incident has been seized on by the tame Apple press as a reason why Microsoft is not ready to take on Jobs’ Mob with its Windows Mobile 7 OS.  It has been telling the world plus dog that Ballmer needs developers like Angry Birds developer Rovio to make Windows Phone 7 attractive to iPhone or Android users.

Redmond admitted to TechFlash that the image was a mistake. “It appears information was mistakenly posted to Microsoft’s website, and has been removed,” the statement said.

Rovio said it was not thrilled because, “We don’t like others using its intellectual property without asking.”

But Rovio has not ruled out creating a version of Angry Birds for Windows Mobile 7. In fact it has admitted that it could do a WP7 version of Angry Birds in the future. It is miffed that since it has not agreed to do that yet its picture was used.  Fair enough, but not exactly worth getting your knickers in a twist over.

So why all the big deal about Angry Birds? Apparently it is one of the biggest games available on the iPhone. It appears on Android too, but it is seen as a perfect example of an iTunes app store success story.

The logic is that the game were on Windows Mobile 7 then it would be just one more reason to dump the iPhone. After all if you are not put off from owning a broken, cracking phone that drops all your calls, the fact you can get an Angry Bird game is going to really force you to jump ship.