Aussies consider jamming lags' mobile phones

The former British penal colony of Australia is considering bringing in mobile phone jammers to stop prisoners running viable criminal empires from behind bars.

Although the prison service has wanted jammers operating inside for ages, there have been fears that the technology could screw up mobile networks and interfere with the screws’ own communicators.

According to AP, the Australian Communications and Media Authority is reviewing the ban and considering a government request to use the device at the Lithgow Correctional Centre, a maximum-security facility.

Lithgow might get an exemption because it is miles away from anywhere and will not upset local phone lines.

The Corrective Services Administrators Council said phones help inmates carry out crime, contact people outside, access pornography and undertake financial transactions.

It also meant that lags could use mobile phones to harass victims and witnesses.  We can’t see what the fuss is all about.  In Prisoner of Cell Block H the walls were so thin they wobbled when a door slammed.  Aussie prisoners can walk out when ever they like so staying behind bars must be optional down under.