Aussies caught copying Americans

Aussie intelligence has been accused of modelling itself on the paranoid US by spying on its ally Indonesia.

Australian spooks at the Australian Signals Directorate tapped calls by Indonesia’s president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, according to new documents leaked by defence contractor Edward Snowden

Apparently, they listened in for 15 days in August 2009, they also tracked calls made and received by the president’s wife Kristiani Herawati along with Indonesia’s vice president, foreign affairs spokesman, security minister and its information minister.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott last week played down the spying allegations saying that Australia had “such a close, cooperative and constructive relationship” with its nearest and most important neighbour.

We guess he should know, it is easy to be close when you know everything about someone.

Other Aussie politicians supported Abbott claimed that it was just “chest thumping” by Indonesia’s politicians attempting to further their positions in the lead up to the nation’s elections.

However, Greens leader Christine Milne said that spying on your allies was not the way you treat your best friends.