AT&T to rake in dough with overblown international iPad 3G contracts

As if shelling out up to $829 for the top-of-the-range iPad 3G isn’t enough weight to lighten your wallet by, AT&T has released its international rates for the device, with a staggering $25 a month for just 20 MB of usage over 90 countries.

As Apple In Cider reports here, that means you’ll be paying $200 for approximately just 30 minutes of streaming video. Four international data plans are available through the iPad’s official carrier in the states, starting at $24.99 a month for 20 MBs of usage, ranging up to $199.99 a month for a paltry 200 MB of usage.

Users will have the option of selecting the date they’d like the plan to start from, and will have to renew it manually each month if they want to continue. Presumably because a direct debit would clean you out completely.

The 200MB data option will give a user access to a couple thousand online pages and standard email access. Unless you’re a minted moneybags though, you can forget about anything the iPad and Apple ethos so happily promotes to the public – downloading from the iTunes store will leave your data allowance empty before you can say “open web”.

As Cult of Mac points out AT&T may be shooting itself in the foot with savvy customers. The iPad is sold unlocked, so there’s nothing in place at the moment to stop someone from picking up a 3G micro SIM locally and using the tablet at local rates without a fearsome contract. For now.

AT&T international 'deals' from Apple Insider