Asus Windows Phone 7 tips up on video

Ballmer’s probably chucking chairs in anticipation – a leak of AsusWindows Phone 7 has been caught on video by LockerGnome.

We’ve heard that Microsoft has already packed off devices to manufacturers but now there’s real tangible proof but no pudding. The Asus Windows Phone 7 is in this video, this one right here:

Our first impressions are that it is black and it fits in your hand. It’s by no means stylish – it resembles the lovechild of an anorexic Zune and a credit card – but in terms of usability it sounds like it could be a treat. 

The bloke in the video says that the aim was to focus on usability. The dev team had been pulled in from “the most respected talent” from Microsoft and into the phone team. “We think we’ve got an extremely compelling end user option,” he says, and harps on about the ease and open nature of the development tools, which are provided for free on the Microsoft website.

The app store is going to be “very similar” to competitors. It goes through “Windows Phone Marketplace” which is an “evolution of what you’ve seen on the Zune”. We saw this at Ubergizmo.