Asus goes tablet crazy, launches Haswell

At a very loud and very packed press conference here in Le Meridien, Taipei, Asus decided to make transformation the theme.

The transformation theme opened up with Asus chairman Johnny Shih saying he was going to tell us how he’d done that.  Asus began to transorm when it saw a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Asus found a perfect balance between engineering and humanity.

Of course Da Vinci had a sideline in designing engines of war.

Shih said sizes will continue to evolve but we need a seamless transition between work, play and social transactions. Asus is going to transform both our devices and your life, oh and your expectations.

The answer is a Tegra tablet called Infinity, giving the best gaming that you ever had. Nvidia has the most powerful graphics, said Shih. It has 2GB of memory and 72 cores.

Shih also announced the fonepad note, which is an Atom based machine. It is a six inch tablet with 3G voice calls. It has 1920 x 1080 HD and comes with front facing speakers and a stylus. The stylus lets you scribble, Shih said.It uses an Intel Atom 2560 processor.

He introduced the Asus Memo Pad, designed for mobile entertainment. It is glossy and comes in four different colours and weighs only 102 grams. It has front and back cameras, uses Sonicmaster sound, The seven inch tablet uses an ARM A7 Cortex quad core chip, and supports Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS, and comes with stereo speakers. It costs $149 for 16GB, shouted Shih. It costs $129 for the 8GB model.

Asus also announced the VivoMouse, a mouse and a touchpad intended for Windows 8. He ntroduced the Asus Transformer Book a so–called three in one machine combining tablet, notebook and desktop PC. You can switch between Windows and Android by detaching the tablet. It uses a Haswell Intel CPU and can run both Android and Windows apps.