Asus ditches Windows for Android on Eee

There are reports floating about the net that Asus is going to be dumping Windows Embedded Compact 7 from its Eee tablet PC in favour of an Android OS.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment but Pocket Lint reckons that it’s going to launch with Android 3.0 at the start of next year, with a full debut at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. It was first showed off at Computex earlier this year.

As we reported earlier, Ballmer was keen to say he’s in talks with a bunch of manufacturers on ramping up a Windows tablet PC and Asus was one of the big players, along with Dell. Courier got ditched recently, but Microsoft has been hoping to get a tablet PC out through Asus, Dell, Samsung, Sony or Toshiba.

With HP saying “No, thanks” to the OS, what’s next on the cards for an MS slate? Ballmer has famously made some predictions way off the mark in the past. Maybe his plans for a tablet aren’t as thought through as the world + media dog busily posted about earlier this month. We’ll quote a reader comment again: “Most every Ballmer assertion/anouncement goes south after giving a leg up to the price of stock”.

That said, while Asus is ditching MS’ offering for this particular tablet, there’s a full possibility that something else may be in the works. We’ll have to wait and sEee. Sorry.