Asus considering wearable devices

Asus is the latest big name to join the wearable tech bandwagon. Google Glass is already generating a lot of buzz and Apple’s rumoured iWatch might be on the way as well.

Asus chairman Jonney Shih said Monday that Asus is also considering a move into wearable devices. He said Asus research engineers already held meetings to review the development of wearable devices, which he described as a “critical sector” for innovation, reports Focus Taiwan

“I think it’s certainly a promising sector, as we are talking about a cross-field war. We will likely see more bio-technology integrated with computer technology in the future,” said Shih. “We should consider how to add more value for consumers, and we have been running many simulation tests in our labs.”

Of course, the trouble for Asus is that it’s not a big player in the smartphone market, unlike Apple and Google. This would allow for faster adoption and more cross-pollination of ideas between development teams. However, Asus is one of the top Android tablet makers and it knows a thing or two about design.

Shih said the main challenge is coming up with a way to win the leading position once wearable devices become mainstream products.