ASA bans Atrix ad in UK

Some good news for Samsung then, as it struggles with pushing its devices thanks to a court block from Apple, the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has decided the Galaxy S2 really is a powerful phone. Google’s Motorola’s Atrix, on the other hand, has taken a knocking.

Two complainants got in touch with the ASA to whinge about an Atrix advert which claimed it was the world’s most powerful phone. It’s unclear whether the complainants were Samsung or just faithful recent buyers. Either way, the complaint was upheld, and Motorola’s advert was found misleading.

As punishment, Motorola must never call the Atrix the “world’s most powerful smartphone” on these shores again. Tough break, but not really.

The Galaxy S2 was found to be superior in muscle power thanks to its processing power. Motorola argued that its phone was powerful because of the combination of its features. It was decided by the ASA that, although the phone had a decent battery and capability, the words “world’s most powerful” weren’t really representative of the facts. 

By Motorola’s definition you could call the Nokia 1011 the world’s most powerful phone because if you strappe a couple of them together you could cave some heads in.

The Atrix, although generally well received, has been plagued by some wi-fi problems which mean it won’t work properly in a growing list of countries. When questioned by TechEye, we were told that “some people just like a good moan.”