Apple's Siri fixed to lie about 'best phone ever'

While Apple is unreasonably slow in issuing security patches which imprison its users into botnets, it has been jolly quick at saving itself from an embarrassing fault in Siri.

Last week it was discovered that if you asked Siri what the best phone ever is, it would tell you that it was the Nokia Lumia 900.

Siri was taking information from Wolfram Alpha, which had determined that the Lumia 900 was the best smartphone by looking at customer reviews.

Now, it is nothing but the truth and the sort of thing that Apple users need to be continuously reminded of. But it was a bit of an own goal for the cargo cult which has made a name for itself by peddling sizzle and not steak.

Apple rushed to fix “the problem” and if you ask Siri what the best phone is in the world it will confirm your previous programming that you have not wasted money on your iPhone.

Asking Siri what the best smartphone is results in such answers as: “You’re holding it” and “Wait… there are other phones?”

It seems that Apple has decided that rather than present information about technology in a fair and balanced way, it is simply going to use it to fling advertising at you. It is to be expected, but still.

As you might expect, Nokia was furious. A spokesperson said that Apple claimed Siri was an intelligent system that’s there to help. If Apple does not like the answer they override the software.