Apple's Phil Schillher warns of reading junk online

Last week, Apple tried its luck at distraction by officially announcing the white iPhone 4 on the wires. Trackergate was forgotten for a moment as some pondered: is the white iPhone 4 really about a hair thicker than the black iPhone 4?

And who cares? If any proof was needed that the technology industry and its watchers are bonkers, the proof is in debating the existence of a milimetre.

A photo tipped up online which shows the white iPhone 4 is a tiny bit thicker. A concerned fanboy allegedly got in touch with an Apple marketing man Phil Schiller to ask him, and was told by way of the elegant Twitter DM that it was rubbish.

“It’s not thicker. Don’t believe all the junk you read online,” he reportedly said. 

CNET notes that Schiller rarely tweets. It wouldn’t particularly surprise us to find that Apple is sticking to its dictum of hiding behind closed door, occasionally sending vague, cryptic post-its out to the customer.

If Schiller did send that message it’s fairly good advice. The problem is a lot of the junk you’ll be reading are carefully crafted misdirections from Apple, i.e. outright lies, from Antennagate through to Trackergate. The whole thing’s so ridiculous even South Park has lampooned it

The white iPhone 4 has been a curious product. It has been in the pipeline for a long time, with release dates pushed back and back and finally let loose just as a tracking scandal hits the press.

Either way, it’s still the same iPhone, but… it’s white.