Apple's patent trolling foiled in Germany

More evidence has appeared to suggest ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ plan to conduct  “thermonuclear war” on Android isn’t working, as the German courts have thrown out Cupertino’s plot to ban Samsung devices from the market.

Although Apple has been doing its very best to destroy consumer choice around the world, Germany isn’t convinced and ruled that the Nexus and the Galaxy Tab 10.1N are legal, and do not infringe on any patents.

Samsung’s tit-for-tat patent infringement filing was also quashed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, company spokespeople are behaving as everyone expects them to. An Apple representative said the company will protect its intellectual property, while someone from Samsung said the latest ruling was welcome.

As Apple loses its most valuable asset – the snake oil merchant Steve Jobs – it looks like the company faces the real threat of having to match the competition with good products, not bully-boy legal tantrums abusing a patent culture with court battles which ultimately benefit no one.

Apple has the deeper pockets, but the company would be wise to remember one of its highest profile targets, Samsung, has a penny or two to spend, too.

*EyeSee If our memory serves us well, and it does, Apple’s legal counsel is the very litigious NAME who was chief bully during Intel’s reckless suing-spree in the nineties.