Apple’s new TV ads are bleak and depressing

Apple’s latest TV ads don’t seem to be going down well with US audiences because they’re too depressing, and this is in a country that opened its arms to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

The advert lacks zest and has the colour scheme of a corporate meeting. A product is not shown even once – flipping Apple’s classic strategy on its head of close-up, product focuses. These ads were designed to promote the company’s identity, quality and innovation embodied by the Apple brand – take from that what you will.

The message is complicated. 

According to Ace Metrix, the ad scored 489 on its scoring system, which is a far cry from Apple’s top ads, which scored over 700. It’s even below the industry average of 542.

Meanwhile, Samsung seems to be getting better. Its latest eight ads all scored an average of over 600, reports Bloomberg.

The ad is also getting flack for some of its language. The climax are the words: “Designed by Apple in California” and says “This is our signature, and it means everything”. In other words, “We’re not Korean”.

And they’re not. iPhones are as American as Apple pie. Here are some of the most important ingredients: underpaid Chinese workers, Korean NAND, Japanese displays and British microprocessor architecture. Oh, and iPhone application processors will soon be built in Taiwan.