Apple's iPad hacked already

Apple’s over hyped Ipad has already been hacked within minutes of going on sale.

Jobs’ Mob, which claims its security is superior to any one else in the world,  was looking quite red faced after a hacker got into the fruity machine within minutes of getting the wrapping paper off.

A well-known hacker of the iPhone, who previously defeated Apple’s restrictions on developers, has claimed in a video to have hacked the iPad.

“MuscleNerd” online, said that he has gained root access to the iPad, a process known as “ jailbreaking.”

This means that Apple’s absolute controls of the iPad will only bother those who can’t manage a basic hack.

Of course since Apple’s target market for the iPad are those who have more money than sense and are likely to be low on technical sense, Jobs’ Mob might still get away with it.

Most of the reporting of this hack by Apple’s tame press issues stern warnings about how jail breaking the iPad might void your warranty. The other thing is that they hiss is that is only going to be used for “pirated software”. Gosh. No one could be using it to run software that Steve Jobs does not approve of, can they?

Anyway it was always going to be an easy task. The iPhone was wide open to jailbreakers and since the iPad was just one of those with a bigger screen and without the phone it was going to be doddle.

Of course it puts an end to ideas that Apple’s iPad could end up in business.  If it is that easy to hack corporates are not going to want it.