Apple’s first Andriod App is terrible

ANDROIDFruity cargo cult Apple’s attempts to score conversions from the Android community has failed specularly.

Yesterday, Jobs’ Mob released an app, which was supposed to encourage android users to migrate to its operating system and then junk their android phones as “worthless.”

The app was release to a great fanfare by the Tame Apple Press who predicted that the app was all Android fans needed to junk their cheaper and more functional smartphones for something that was more expensive and did less.

However those who did up load it were less than impressed with Apple’s android coding skills. Those who downloaded it have flooded the app with one-star reviews. However, it seems the Apple community has responded and has started sending five star reviews into the Android system. They have managed to claw up the average to 1.8 stars.

However since more than 79 per cent of users were happy to share their miserable experience, the five stars are in a minority.

There is no doubt that some of the one star reviews are penned by those who hate Apple, just like the five star reviews are written by those who have never owned an Android. But a big chunk of the one stars are written by those who have installed the app and found that it had poor functionality. Apparently Apple refused to follow the Android design patterns which made it hard to work.