Apples aren't green: Jobs' Mob rejects O2's green mobile scheme

O2, peddler of the broken iPhone 4, is getting bit by one of its biggest sellers on its new green scheme to rate phones by how sustainable they are – Apple doesn’t want to play ball.

Manufacturers who are up for getting their phones measured by the scheme include Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC and Nokia. O2 says this covers the majority of their kit on sale. It is working with independent advisers Forum for the Future to rate each handset on how energy efficient they are, the ease they can be recycled, what they’re made from and how they’re built.

They will be rated with a comprehensive questionnaire that asks all sorts. 
RIM hasn’t joined up either, though the maker of Crackberries says it hops to join up next year – possibly in an effort to make sure its devices are more sustainable before it puts them under public scrutiny. 

As is often the case with Apple, if you want to find out about Apple, you have to go to Apple. It has its own environment page set up on its website, here which tells you the Apple gospel on life cycles, product reports and product usage impact. While we are not claiming that these figures are misleading, it raises eyebrows as to why it only wants you to know what it wants you to know.

O2 says that, on a related note, it is encouraging people to take up longer contracts to cut down on waste. Not because they’re harder to get out of or in some cases way more expensive, nosirree – five pound notes are green and we bet O2 has plenty of them too.