Apple's Adult Apps ban drives developers to Google

 STEVE JOBS’ puritan purge on anything that looks like a woman’s ankle on his iPhone app store is driving away developers.

Steve issued a crackdown on applications which probably would not offend the strictest of nuns and banned even swimsuits from his true and holy store.

However while this might have got his store the thumbs up from neo-conservative born again Christians who love waiting for the end of the world looking at Bible verses on their telling bones it is having a backlash in the normal world.

Apple has always traded on its cool value. Its average customer is a would be smug Coldplay fan who knows little about technology but likes a nice looking gadget. In other words, someone who is not cool but thinks people will be impressed if they can play a farting application.

With Steve Jobs’ purge converting the iPhone into a real bogus fundamentalist Christian Jesus phone he is going to alienate his most loyal users.

When the Apple fanbois are not cool they have a little more street cred than the fundie Christian kids. The people who used to talk about the merits of remaining virgins were not usually the ones who had a choice. You could not even pick them for your sports team because they will not play on Sunday and if you wanted to date one you had to nail your hands to your sides lest they wandered to sin.

Your standard Apple geek spends a lot of time dreaming of girls and sniggering a lot and Jobs has just taken away their iTool to do it with. While they may not want hardcore porn, a swimsuit application is something they can cope with if their mum finds it.

Fortunately developers are waking up to this. Jobs showed them that there was a lot of money to be had making the apps that people wanted. So instead of making the apps that Billy Graham would have wanted they are shifting to Google and its Android system instead.

The Wall Street Journal said that the people tarred by Jobs as porn merchants are moving to Android instead.

The theory is that what propped the iPhone up was its Application’s back up and if Google has a better one, with software that people want, then they will give Apple, and its controlling ways, the shove.

Google has made it clear it wants to position itself as an alternative to Apple and to do that it is hardly going to want to pitch itself to the parents of kids who are not allowed to go to camp in case it turns into an orgy of teen vice.

Google has said that it wants to reduce friction and remove barriers that make it difficult for developers to make apps available to users.