Apple's 4G advertising turning into a crisis

Apple’s tendency not to revise its marketing beyond America is getting it into bother with the EU.

Cupertino has already had to offer its fanboys a refund in Australia after convincing them that its new iPad was able to run on 4G. Watchdogs down under were furious that, while the tablet could run on 4G, it could only run on 4G technology which was not available in Australia.

Now, it seems that Apple is hitting the same problems with watchdogs in the UK, Sweden and Denmark.

According to the International Business Times, it would appear that lots of watchdogs are snuffling around the compatibility of the new iPad with local 4G LTE networks.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) confirmed it is investigating complaints of Apple’s misleading “4G” claim.

The UK is a place with quaint traditions which might not be understood by Apple. For example, the UK’s “Advertising Code” says that all advertisements must not mislead the consumer by “omitting material information or by presenting it in an unclear, unintelligible or ambiguous way.”

Other countries are going to start their own investigations. Sweden and Denmark are also reportedly considering investigations, after agencies within both countries received “several complaints” from customers about 4G connectivity.

Sweden has broad LTE coverage but the new iPad isn’t supported on those networks either.

If Apple refuses to offer refunds to the European countries, it is likely that it will have to correct its language and clarify the 4G LTE terms of the new iPad.