Apple white iPhone 4 is on the way

It looks like Jobs’ Mob has finally worked out the embarrassing technical flaw which made it impossible to ship a white iPhone 4.

White iPhones are incredibly popular, but for some unknown reason, the bug ridden iPhone 4 came in only black.

Despite promises from Apple that a white phone was on the way, a white iPhone 4 became vapourware.

According to AppleInsider, Apple is expected to begin production of its long-awaited iPhone 4 sometime this month.

One analyst expects them to be with us in early April.

Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told AppleInsider that Jobs’ Mob has made changes to the “film material to solve the full-lamination problem the white phones had. Earlier painting methods, resulted in a “huge” number of defective handsets, although in the case of the Iphone 4, which shipped with so many of them without punters being upset, we would not have thought this to be a problem.

The technology used was shown off last week when Steve Jobs demonstrated a white iPad2. Apple had apparently partnered with a Japanese company that crafted a new paint material. The new material apparently allows for greater control and precision in setting the thickness of the paint layer.