Apple Watches discounted

Apple watchThe Apple Watch is proving to be a disaster for the retailers who had the misfortune of signing up to the Apple hype which started the project.

So far only nine million of the watches have been sold, mostly on the back of a yearlong marketing campaign which touted the watch as the next big thing. With a big chunk of users dumping or returning the shiny toy after a couple of weeks, it would appear that retailers have a fair few left over.

Best Buy is offering a $100 discount on the Apple Watches that it sells, meaning that you can grab a base-model 38mm Sport for just $249.

We say “just” but that is still pretty expensive, particularly when Apple has admitted that it is planning to release a watch which does all the things the first one was supposed to do in March.

It is also far more expensive than many similar offerings out there from rivals.

We guess the hope is that the Apple will clear any stock backlog over the Christmas rush, although it is not clear which rich elderly aunt is going to be so badly informed that her nephew wants an iWatch.