Apple wastes $100 million in dead man's revenge

Word on the street is that the cost of Apple’s legal war against Android is currently sitting at $100 million.

The war was started by Steve Jobs, who a few months before his death, was determined to obliterate Google’s Android which he felt stole his ideas.

It is part of Apple’s marketing that everyone steals Steve’s brilliant ideas, it has been saying that about Microsoft for years, but he never took Gates to court.

Jobs, who knew he was dying,  pledged to fight Apple’s Android in the courts with every cent of profit he made.

It was a bold move, and seems to have been carried out by Apple, even long after Jobs left the building.

But it is money that has been wasted. So far Apple has made 84 claims against different Android manufacturers out of which only 10 were proved to have been infringed and only one ruling has gone in Apple’s favour.

Apple started out with 10 patents which it could have used to quietly extort money from people in licences and has only had a victory on just one.

The infringements were a small feature of the software such as tapping phone number in an email or webpage to call or send a text. This is being fixed by the other party removing the feature or implement it in a different way.

Even an outfit with Apple’s bottom line wasting $100 million to fulfil Jobs’ desire to kill off Android is weird. It is not as if he is ever going to know that his will has not been obeyed and can haunt the company for not doing what it is told.

To make matters worse, the court cases have not stopped the march of Android.