Apple wants silly money from Samsung

Jobs’ Mob’s reality distortion field has been a major reason why it could not reach an agreement with Samsung.

Apple is in court now demanding the court aid it getting money for five patents connected to smartphones out of Samsung. Samsung has apparently attempted to negotiate, but Apple said no.

The reason is that Jobs’ Mob has a completely inflated view of what these five patents are worth. The court was told that it wants $2.2 billion in damages. Samsung thinks that $6 million is a fair enough price for the patents.

Apple claims it needs all that cash to compensate for the fact Samsung’s alleged theft of its ideas happened during a time where the smartphone market experienced extremely rapid expansion.

Christopher Vellturo, who is an economist and Apple’s damages expert, told a US District Court that patent infringement would encompass over 37 million smartphones and tablets that were sold by Samsung in the US from August 2011 to the end of last year, where the total revenue generated by those devices remains undisclosed because it is deemed as “confidential”.

Vellturo, who is being paid $700 per hour by Apple for his work on the case, said that the $2.2 billion damages claim is justified due to the length of the infringement. For that amount of money I would say anything Apple wanted, hell I would even claim to be an Apple fan boy. Sure enough Vellturo said that the smartphone market was “in a profound state of change and growth because so many people are coming in and buying phones” so the infringement was greater.

The patents are the “slide-to-unlock” function that takes the phone from the lock screen to home screen; universal search, which pulls in results from the phone and the Internet; the ability to sync data in the background; automatic word correction as a user types; and contextual links that attach a menu to items such as phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses.

Samsung’s brief Bill Price spent almost two hours trying to find holes in Hauser’s arguments. He said that the study looked solely at features and discounted whether or not it was Samsung or the user’s allegiance to Android.

This is the second patent infringement case between the two phone makers. In an earlier case, which has been appealed, two juries have ordered Samsung to pay Apple a total of $929 million for infringement of different patents in different phones.

Patent expert Florian Mueller calls Apple’s claims crazy and says that the judge should have told the jury that the cash Apple was demanding was completely insane.

He said that the case will now focus on some out-of-this-world numbers “numbers that are totally detached from the rates at which Apple and others in the industry license patents, and in the case of the ‘647 patent, 20 times higher than Apple’s own damages claim against Google’s Motorola Mobility”.