Apple to shove iPhone OS onto more gear

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured another hellish rumour about Apple’s iPhone OS.

The rumours are based on job advert in which Jobs’ Mob is calling for an engineer who can help get its mobile-phone software onto additional devices.

Apple apparently wants an engineering manager “to lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms.”

The iPhone OS runs the iPhone, iPod Touch music player, and the forthcoming iPad keyboardless netbook.

The question is quite where is Apple going to shove its iPhone OS and is it in a place that any of us would like.

Some pundits think there is some scope for the technology to end up under the bonnet of Web-connected TV and devices that help viewers watch 3D programming. Although Apple has its Apple TV product it is widely seen as being pants. However the problem is that there is no indication that an iPhone OS will make it any better. 3D programming might need a little more than an iPhone OS and besides there is no indication that Apple has been thinking about it until now.

The job advert uses language which implies that the technology is in the final stages of being bought to market. It strikes us that this is more likely to be varients of its iPad and iPod touch gear instead of anything radically useful.