Apple tells users to stop sending SMS messages

Apple has ordered its fanboys to stop sending SMS messages because its geniuses can’t guarantee their security.

Over the weekend, Apple had a vulnerability in the SMS service of its iOS devices. It was a bug  that let hackers spoof their identities via text and send messages asking for private information.

Normal companies would have attempted to fix the problem, but Apple used it as an opportunity to peddle its iMessage service instead.

It said that “while it was taking the problem very seriously”, it suggested that users should use Apple’s own iMessage service nstead of texting. This service was blessed by Apple and can verify addresses sent through iMessage, which protects against spoofing.

So Apple is using the fact that it can’t run an SMS service as a means to boost its own unpopular iMessage service. The only problem is that the iMessage service only works if the sender and the receiver have an iPhone or some other Apple toy.

Apple is saying that it is safe for Apple users to talk to owners of other phones so it is safer that you only talk to people who share your fascination with Coldplay and paying for technology which will be redundant in a year.

Apple seemed to imply that the problem could happen on any phone which uses SMS to send messages. However, Venturebeat reports that the the hacker who developed the spoof, said that the “reply to” spoof doesn’t only work on iPhone.

So, in other words, Apple is using its own rubbish security and programming of fairly basic mobile technology to encourage fanboys to only use its products. The downside is that they can only communicate with other fanboys.