Apple sues teenager

Kindhearted toy maker Apple is applauding a teenage fanboy’s enterprise for supplying a white iPhone when it could not work out how to make one. Nah, not really, it is suing the lawyer-less kid into a coma for selling “fake kits.

Fei Lam, was making $8,000 daily selling kits which he imported into the US after buying them from a Foxconn ex-employee.

Foxconn is not being sued, because it is Apple’s number one chum, neither is the ex-employee. Instead Apple is going for the kid who seems to have bought the gear legally.

Lam said that the gear was being flogged as “repair parts” and had been available for some months.

He said he did not know how the contract works between Foxconn and Apple but the fact that “repair parts” come out months before actual product release is “very weird”.

Lam was unsure why the white parts were made, and he thought they might have been chucked out.

It looks like it might be a case of Lam to the slaughter. He will be attending the first legal meetings without a lawyer as he can’t afford one.

There appears to be only one person in Apple on his side. That is co-founder, and dancing queen Steve Wozniak. Lam met Woz, who went on the Engadget Show and “sort of” defended him.