Apple sued over useless software

Technology cargo cult Apple has been sued for producing software which turned one of its customer’s expensive toys into an iBrick.

Biana Wofford claims that Jobs’ Mob deliberately crippled her 3G phone with a software update in order to force her to shell out for a new iPhone 4.

According to the lawsuit in the Superior Court of California that is seeking class action status, she claims Apple turned her phone into “a device with little more use than that of a paper weight”.

Apple pushed the iOS4 update to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS owners just before it began selling the iPhone 4.

3G owners found that applying the update significantly slowed down performance and caused apps to crash.

Wofford told the court Apple had falsely, intentionally and repeatedly represented to owners and consumers of the iPhone 3G that its new operating system for the device, iOS4, was a significant upgrade for the functionality of all iPhone devices.

The upgrade “degraded service, diminished speed and operability and substantially slowed functionality of the device”.

She said that it rendered the iPhone 3G devices virtually unusable, constantly slowed, crashed or frozen and less versatile than the device consumers purchased and the earlier iOS 3.x version firmware”.

Apple waited for months before releasing a new version of the update, iOS4.1, which was intended to fix the performance problems. Users have complained that it did not help much.

Wofford thinks that Jobs’ Mob did it all deliberately as it was difficult to downgrade to the previous version without “resorting to ‘hacker’ tactics that will void Apple warranties and violate iPhone user agreements.

Wofford is seeking approval from a judge to elevate the suit to class action status. She is hoping to force Apple to pay damages to iPhone 3G customers.

It is just as well she didn’t get a 4G phone. There is so much wrong with that one, that she would be suing for the rest of her natural.