Apple snubs iPad users

In a desperate bid to make sure that the eyePad does not cannibalise the eyePhone market, software messiah Steve Jobs has made sure that the beast cannot run its latest video software.

According to Apple Insider, the mobile version of iMovie which Jobs showed off during Apple’s WWDC keynote will be exclusively available for eyePhone 4 and will not work on the eyePad.

There is little reason for this. The eyePhone and the eyePad have the same chip. But iMovie will not run on the eyePad, at least when the application launches.

The suggestion is that that the app is tailored to the eyePhone 4’s higher-density screen, and therefore wouldn’t work within the eyePad’s pixel-doubled compatibility mode.

However, it appears that iMovie for eyePhone won’t work on eyePad because it takes advantage of operating system features within eyeOS 4, which won’t be supported on the eyePad until later this year.

But there is also another very good reason that Apple wants to keep a difference between the eyePad and the eyePhone. Steve Jobs wants punters to buy both, even when the advantages of owning two similar products are limited.

It is ironic that the better device of the two to watch movies will not get the best film application, but controlling a walled garden never means you have to say you are sorry to users.