Apple reneges on Steve Jobs' promise

Apple has been sued after it reneged on a promise by Steve Jobs given to a long term employee that he would always have a job at the company.

After he came back from his pancreatic cancer treatment, the sainted Jobs was apparently feeling uncharacteristically magnanimous.

He allegedly told several long serving staff that they would always have work with Apple. However, it seems after Jobs, Apple decided that his blessings were not going to be honoured.

According to Bloomberg, the company axed Wayne Goodrich, who says he was a confidant, sounding board and close adviser to Steve Jobs, for no legitimate reason.

Goodrich was told that he was being let go for “business reasons” not connected to his performance.

He had worked for Jobs since 1998 despite the fact that he had been promised in a one-on-one meeting in May 2005 that he would always have a job at Apple.

He is claiming that Apple breached his contract and accused the toymaker of unfair business practices. He thinks they got rid of him because he was owed a lot of money. He was going to collect restricted stock that was worth $97.40 a share when awarded in 2008 but was now worth $635 a share as of August this year.

Goodrich was Jobs’ Leni Riefenstahl, and was the executive producer of Apple’s rallies of press. He did all Jobs’ product releases, and participated in the creative process for developing the presentations and working with Jobs to prepare the events.

He was also responsible for the introduction of Siri technology at Apple and was the first Apple employee to meet with managers of the company that developed the technology.

He received raises and bonuses each year, including from 2007 through 2011, according to the complaint. Goodrich was assured by Jobs in 2010 that he would be given another job at Apple if anything happened to his position and Jobs wasn’t around, according to the complaint.