Apple ramps up iPhone 4, 3GS orders in Q3

Apple is gearing up for a push for more iPhone orders in the second half of this year.

Interestingly though it is not the iPhone 5 that will see orders increase this quarter, but older models such as the iPhone 4, 4 CDMA and even the 3GS.

According to Digitimes sources, Apple has ramped up orders of the handsets to over 20 million in the third quarter, while this is expected to fall to around eight million in the fourth quarter.

TechEye reported on growing speculation that the imminent Apple launch will actually be for a budget handset rather than a full blown iPhone 5.  Sources say that the real thing might not actually be with us until as late as March.

This would be an Apple fanboy’s worst nightmare.  Not only would they have to wait for more agonising months for the upgrade, but legions of unwashed ordinary folk would be able to join their elite iPhone owning club.

Orders for the suspected iPhone 5 have been cut in the third quarter meanwhile, down to 5.5 million units, with a surge in orders expecting in the following quarter.

Overall an increase in orders for the iPhone is expected, by around 12-13 percent.  This will see the previous expectation of 50 million units on their way to jump to more than 56 million.

Total shipments for the year would then be an impressive 95 million units.