Apple punished users for switching to Android

The fruity cargo cult Apple is being sued for punishing its iPhone users for switching to Android.

The suit was filed by a former iPhone customer, Adrienne Moore. who alleges she changed to a non-Apple device and stopped getting text messages from Apple mates who remained inside the cult.

The suit, seeking class-action status, was filed in federal court in San Jose, California. In it Moore claims that Apple’s iMessage retains text messages sent from other users of Apple devices and won’t deliver them to her Samsung phone running on Google Android operating system, Adrienne Moore said in the complaint filed yesterday in San Jose, California.

According to Business Insider  this means that people who dare to replace their Apple devices with non-Apple wireless phones and tablets are penalised and unable to obtain the full benefits of their wireless-service contracts.

What happens is that texts get “stuck” briefly or permanently inside an iPhone’s iMessage system when they’re directed at someone who used to have an iPhone but has switched their number to an Android phone.

Users have suspected that iPhones behave weirdly when sending texts to non-Apple users, often showing up late, or not at all.

The New York Times’ David Segal complained that he stopped receiving message from iPhone users altogether after he dumped the Apple device for an Android. Given that most of his colleagues use an iPhone as part of their function as Apple’s unpaid press office, this is a little problematic for him.

The problem would be easy to fix, after all everyone else’s phone can do it and Apple claims its software is superior to everyone else’s, but there appears to be a lack of will on Apple’s part.

Perhaps this court case will force Jobs’ Mob to stop behaving like a cult and punishing those who leave the cult by breaking communications with their cult friends.