Apple moves to block Galaxy S III sales in US

Apple has filed a motion seeking to block the sale of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III phone in the US.

In the complaint, Apple lawyers allege that the S III is too similar to the Galaxy Nexus, and should therefore be bundled in a previously launched motion against the Nexus. Apple claims that the S III infringes on two of its patents: universal search and smart links, reports FOSSpatents.

Basically, it is more of the same from Cupertino – the company is continuing to use broken US patent legislation to wage a crusade against the infidel competition, who its deceased saviour Steve Jobs once said he would wage thermonuclear war against.

Samsung claims it was given only two days notice to respond to the request, without due process or any factual record whatsoever.  

Samsung reckons that Apple should file a separate motion for a preliminary injunction against the S III, rather than try to bundle it in an ongoing case. The demands are likely to fall on deaf ears, as Apple’s use of legalese is second to none. In an appeal filed before a German court last year Apple even suggested that Samsung should try to avoid making rectangular phones, so if Apple lawyers have their way the next Galaxy could very well be a tetrahedron, dodecahedron or torus.