Apple massively cuts iPhone 5 LCD orders

It is starting to look like the world has finally woken up to the fact that the iPhone 5 really is not worth the money Apple wants for it.

The supersized version of the iPhone 4S was designed to combat the far superior Samsung Galaxy range. Its main selling point was that it freed you from using the pretty good Google maps, but unfortunately for Apple, its Apple Maps was the laughing stock of the smartphone world and sent people to places they never dreamed of.

Now it seems that Apple’s sales of the iPhone 5 are drying up and Cupertino has been forced to halve its order with suppliers of LCD panels. Some of this might be because the Chinese market is apparently ignoring Apple completely.

According to the Wall Street Journal,  Apple has asked suppliers Japan Display, Sharp LG Display Co Ltd, to cut supply, down from an initial plan to order about 65 million units in the quarter.

This is bad news for all those suppliers who thought that Apple’s business was a sure fire way to keep their share prices up.

Japan Display’s plant in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, spend a fortune getting the production ready to take on the Apple work, and is expected to temporarily reduce output by 70 percent to 80 percent compared to the October to December period.

Sharp’s dedicated a facility for iPhone 5 LCD panels in Mie Prefecture, and will see its production in January and February fall by 40 percent.