Apple losing its grip in the mobile wars

It is starting to look like the tide is moving against Apple in its defence of its tablet and smartphone game of monopoly.

After appearing to force its rival to land on Park Lane, to lose a significant patent case, it seems that the game is going the other way instead.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Samsung won the right to start selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 again.

While the Galaxy 10.1 is an older model, it is still popular, so lifting the ban could still help Samsung in the run-up to the holiday shopping season.

All up that means that Apple’s patent war with Samsung will probably have no effect on competition during the crucial holiday period.

This is bad news for Apple which is having to cope with the fact that sales figures show that its new iPhone 5 is not able to stop the Android juggernaut. Although it has sold well, it is behind Samsung in sales, which is something it would not be expecting at this point in its sales life.

Part of the problem is that its Mapping software created a negative media stir, but Apple has also started to become more US focused with many of its “new services” only working properly if you live in the Land of the Fee.

To give Apple an even bigger headache, Samsung filed a motion against Apple saying the iPhone 5 had infringed on some of the company’s patents.

While it is unlikely that Samsung will be able to get the iPhone 5 banned from the shelves in time for Christmas, it does indicate that this war, which was started by Apple, might be finished by Samsung.