Apple loses patent spat with Samsung

Apple lost its appeal in a patent troll against Samsung over a patent for synchronising music and video data on its Galaxy smartphones and tablets with servers.

According to Bloomberg, the case was heard by Intellectual Property High Court in Tokyo and it upheld an earlier decision in favour of Samsung.

In August, a Tokyo District Court rejected Apple’s insistence that the Galaxy maker’s mobile devices infringe on a synchronisation invention which sprang fully formed from the genius of Steve Jobs.

Samsung naturally welcomed the court’s decision, while Apple said nothing.

Still it has not been going all Samsung’s way in the Land of the Rising Sun. Last week, the Tokyo District Court upheld Apple’s separate claim that Samsung infringed its patent on the way an iPad or iPhone screen seems to bounce when a user scrolls to the bottom.

It looks like all this is part of a wider war where neither side ever wins, or loses, but has the benefit of dominating headlines when one or the other gains a little victory.