Apple leans on online Galaxy suppliers

Steve Jobs‘ war on Android has escalated to taking on those who dare to supply the gear.

Apple unleashed his legal hounds with the aim of forcing Google to remove Android products. The team targeted Samsung and managed to score several injunctions to prevent the Galaxy Tab 10.1 going on sale.

However the move was rendered useless as people who did not want to buy Apple’s tablets started buying them online.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Apple is now suing online retailers who are still selling the tablet despite the injunction. and have both received threatening legal letters. However, it seems that Apple might not find them so easy to bully. A dMavo spokesman indicated that the retailer was going to restructure the company to ensure courts could not be used to prevent the company from selling the tablet to Australians.

The point is that the company is making a killing because Android tablets are popular. It is worth their while shifting off-shore so that it can continue flogging them.

Most of the tablets are flooding into Oz from Hong Kong and Apple is powerless to stop them.

Samsung sought and has been granted an expedited hearing by the Federal Court in Sydney. It wants to overturn the ban before the busy pre-Christmas shopping season.