Apple leans on kid for doing what it can't

Fruity peddler of broken iPhones, Apple is leaning on a kid for doing what it can’t manage – making a white iPhone 4.

Apple has been putting off making a white iPhone 4 until next March because it claims that it is pretty tricky. This has apparently opened the market for those who think it is a doddle.

It is such an easy task that Fei “Phil” Lam, 17, from New York, has been cashing in by flogging a converter kit that turns black iPhone 4s into white ones.

Apple’s response has been to send the boys around. According to the Sydney Morning Herald Lam claims that Jobs’ Mob had sent around a private dick to try and gag him from selling the kits. He also claims he had Apple shut down his eBay listings too.

So far he has made about $30,000 to $40,000 from the kits which cost up to $279 each.

What is doubly embarrassing for Apple is that the kits use parts supplied by the suicide plagued Foxconn, which makes the iPhone in China. The question is then, if Lam can make a White iPhone using kit from Apple’s own supplier, why can’t Apple?

The answer might be in the price tag. Lam said it costs him a lot to bring the components for the kits into the country and he does not have a high mark up. It might be that it is too expensive for Jobs’ Mob to get its traditional high mark-up for a white case.

It might be that Apple does not have to take too much action against Lam – after he has made a bit of dosh he plans to go to college.   Lam says he is an Apple fanboy, but admits he does not own an iPhone.  Apparently, despite all the cash he has made he does not think he can afford one.  This is how someone ends up being a billionaire before they are 20.