Apple kills Christmas for Samsung down-under

Jobs’ Mobs briefs took urgent action to prevent its rival’s tablets being in Australian stores during the Christmas rush.

So terrified of competition, Apple has been behaving like the worst sort of patent troll against its former chum Samsung.

Samsung managed to get an Australian court to lift an injunction which prevented it from selling Tablets. Many outfits would have accepted a unanimous High Court decision and started preparing for the main case next year. After all there is no point appealing something that you have no chance of winning and the focus should be the winning of a patent case right?.

But Jobs’ Mob laywers do not seem to have a brief of winning, but rather want to stuff up Android as part of the Late Steve Jobs’ campaign against the operating system. In Steve’s reality distortion field, Android was an attempt by Google to steal his ideas and he ordered the operating system shut down.

Now it looks like Apple has put in a bogus appeal so that the ban will continue for another week. It should take another week to make a decision. However the the goal appears to be to keep Samsung out of the Christmas market. By next year, the tablet will be obsolete and even if Samsung wins the case it would find it difficult to get a large amount of damages from Apple because it would have to prove that the Tablet would have been a success if it had not been for those pesky court orders from Jobs’ Mob.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Justice John Dyson Heydon said the orders made by the Federal Court on November 30 “be stayed pending the termination of applicants application for special leave to appeal.”

Samsung believed Apple had no basis for appeal and would “vigorously” oppose it in court.