Apple is paranoid about Android after market share rises

The company which can do no evil is now vastly overtaking the Apple operating system on the applications front by giving everything away. No good will come of this.

A report said that in the second quarter of this year, Android had 44 percent of market share compared to Apple’s 31 percent with its iOS.  Apple’s strength is it’s always been proprietary but that is its Achilles’ heel too, and always has been.

You could kind of compare Google to the Huns. So far it has managed to upend any number of existing business models, including publishing and there is no doubt at all that antitrust authorities worldwide are going to have to keep an eye on it.

ABI Research said that being a free platform has expanded the Android device install base and made it the new leader in the mobile app market.

Nothing is for free in this world, however. By giving away a free operating system, Google has also made incursions into the world of hardware. Hardware manufacturers don’t want to give away anything for free, because factories cost money. Microsoft will have something to say about this too.

This war hasn’t even started – so far, these are just border skirmishes.  And Intel will shift its position if it senses the ground shifting under it. Goole is in Yorkshire.