Apple Iphone 6 pictures leaked

While the security in Apple is the sort of thing that Erich Honecker would be proud of, it seems that China is a hole in its wall and a leak of its new iPhone 6 has appeared.

A photo originating from a Chinese equivalent of Twitter Sina Weibo  claims to show off the front panel of Apple’s next generation iPhone 6.

It appears to confirm that the next iPhone will be much bigger than many have predicted. Only one photo of this purported front panel has been posted on Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter. In it someone, with amazing nails, is holding a black iPhone 5S alongside the panel to show off the size difference.

The authenticity of this part can not be verified and no additional information was offered alongside the picture.  We are unsure of the exact size of this display panel. It’s unclear if it would have the correct 16:9 aspect ratio that all iPhones have had since the iPhone 5.

The purported panel shows that screen bezels might be slim in comparison with existing iPhones. That corroborates with rumours about the next generation iPhone being thinner and lighter than its predecessors.

There is a pill-shaped opening for ear speaker, IR proximity sensor and FaceTime camera cutouts are all present where one would expect them. So in other words it will be big and thin but still the same design.

The dark satanic rumour mill has suggested that Jobs’ Mob is going to have another crack at releasing an expensive and a cheap version of the iPhone 6.  This is despite the fact that the last time it tried this, the cheap one was ignored in droves.

Recent rumours claim that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be launched first. It will presumably be followed a few months later by the 5.5-inch model.

Of course, it could be all lies and the photo could be a well-staged hoax. However, if in showing the picture off we annoy the Apple Press Office that is always worth the craic.