Apple iPhone 4 security falls in seconds at Pwn2Own

In more security humiliation for Jobs’ Mob, hackers managed to take down Apple’s flagship iPhone 4 in the Pwn2Own competition in just a few seconds.

Insecurity expert Charlie Miller teamed with Dion Blazakis to take down the iPhone.

According to ComputerWorld this is the fourth time that Miller has walked away with a prize for hacking Apple’s phone. He said what made it different this time was he knocked up a hack the night before instead of working one out in the months leading up to the competition.

It did not matter that much – all they had to do was connect their computer to the iPhone and it fell over.

The BlackBerry took a multi-national team composed of Vincenzo Lozzo, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann and a third researcher from the Netherlands. Apparently it fell in seconds.

However in this competition no one could be bothered trying to hack either the Android phone or the Microsoft one. It is not clear why. It would be nice to think it was because they were more secure than the Apple or the Blackberry, but this is not that likely.

Apple uses a radical faith based security system which means you have to believe that your phone will never be hacked and convince other people that it is totally secure.  It is a system which was derived from the Mac and has proved very successful.

We suggest that it is rolled out to banks, instead of vaults and security guards.  Instead of having to pay for expensive security guards you pay PR people to say that your bank has never been robbed.

Your customers also tell people your bank has never been robbed while they have been using it. This is apparently guaranteed to keep robbers at bay.