Apple iPads are too hot for some people to handle

Apple fanboys the world over have rushed to praise the latest feature on the Apple iPad which burns in your groin and not your hands.

Since many Apple fanboys have never felt a burning in their neither regions, the fact that the new iPad  gets hot enough to create its own global warming problems is seen as a feature.

Unforunately for Apple, not everyone is seeing it that way and some are even suggesting that Jobs’ Mob design has really stuffed up this time.

Apple iPads always used to get a little too hot, particularly if you were trying to read the entire edition of War and Peace in a single sitting. Fortunately no one was going to try that because after a while it was too heavy to hold and only the Incredible Hulk could get past the march on Moscow.

According to Apple forum postings the problem area is a hot-spot in the corner of the unit.

If it gets too much a message pops up, saying “the iPad needs to cool down.” It does not as some reports suggest crash. According to the Book of Jobs, only Windows machines crash.

So far the main problem of overheating has been when the user was trying to read in direct sunlight. Clearly his machine had not bitten anyone for a while, nor was wearing its magic ring and could not stand direct sunlight without overheating.

Part of the problem is that the new iPad integrates both a larger battery and a slightly faster chip. It doesn’t have a fan, but it has plenty of fans.