Apple iPad hype continues, endlessly

Apple is getting increasingly desperate to flog its over hyped and very underwhelming iPad.

Since the launch of the gadget it has mostly been laughed at by any tech press with a semblence of credibility. However, that has not stopped the hype surrounding the iPad continuing.

Yesterday MacWorld ran a yarn with the headline “Doctors interested in Apple’s iPad; 1 in 5 plan to buy one”.

A desperate piece of free Apple promotion if ever there was. According to the article a medical software vendor called Epocrates, yeah really,  conducted a survey of 350 clinicians. The result was that 22 percent of them said they planned to buy the device within a year.

This figure is incredibly high as surveys indicate that most of the great unwashed are not thinking of buying an iPad at all.

However, looking at the figures it is clear that there is something else at play here. Epocrates has 275,000 physicians which subscribe to its free or paid software. It could only find 350 to answer its survey.

But in addition Epocrates software provides access to clinical information from smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberries and Palm devices.

It also wants to adapt its clinical reference application for the iPhone and iPod touch devices for the new iPad. Since the iPad is a giant iPod Touch, upgrading is not a big job.

Product placement time. Dyson Hoovers.

Epocrates’ survey showed that nine percent of respondents plan to buy an iPad as soon as it’s available, and another 13 percent plan to buy it within a year.

So an outfit which makes software for iPhones and iPads conducted a survey of its users. You would think that the proportion of fanbois and other people would be high. Yet only .12 percent of them took part and of those 22 percent said they would buy an iPad in a year. So .03 percent of gadget mad doctors will put their hand up and admit that they are going to buy an iPad within a year is not much of a headline is it.

It seems that the Apple press is getting increasingly desperate about what it will run to prove that the gadget will be a success. Well Stephen Fry thinks so.

“It’s transcendentally smooth and fast. It’s astounding. God, it’s beautiful. The display is stunning. I am in love with it and am drooling in anticipation at being able to buy one. I want to fondle it and lick it. In fact I am going to run away with it now.”