Apple iPad 3 out on March 7th

Apple will release its latest shiny keyboardless netbook on March 7th before a bunch of hysterical journalists who will have sacrificed credibility to give a standing ovation at a press conference.

The Cupertino company, according to the Wall Street Journal, sent out an email featured what appeared to be a photograph of the corner of an iPad with three app icons and the tagline: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

Given that it is unlikely to be a nice fluffy bunny which is also nice to touch and an iPad3 is due out, it is fairly likely to be that.

The event will be at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, one of the technology giant’s favourite stages for unveiling new products.

The iPad 3 is likely to be the same as the iPad2, which was similar to the first iPad. However for the next few weeks you are unlikely to hear any one say that.

Indeed early reports of the press conference have claimed that Apple will have to release something different to differentiate its tablets from Google Android.

What we are expecting is a gadget which has a sharper resolution screen than the second generation iPads along with support for wireless carriers’ fourth generation LTE networks.  It will also have Siri,  a speak and search system which only really works for Americans.

We also expect the tablet to be bought by most of those who queued in the rain for an iPad2 last year, as Apple does not tend to expect its expensive toys to last longer than a year.

Needless to say it would not be sensible to buy an iPad 2 at the moment. Apple is almost certain to drop the price, especially after the iPad3 comes out.

The iPad3 is made at the Foxconn plant in China, which is being investigated by Apple to find out reasons why so many of its employees tend to leave the company by flinging themselves off the roof. Not that will make much difference to sales.